Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Rothera Summer is...

being able to get aerial views
spending Christmas at Sky Blu...
...with luxury accommodation

ice skating in the sunshine on a blue-ice runway

drinking Christmas whisky with 1000(s) year old blue ice
getting up close with killer whales

boating and diving in an Antarctic context
sunbathing seals
the appearance of snow algae around the point
flocks of gullsmelting snow

Summer is also about not finding time to update your blog! Apologies and Happy New Year!
2009 will be a strange year, after spending an amazing 2 years living and working at Rothera it will be time to leave my home in less than 10 weeks. This is a very sad yet very happy occasion - all in all emotionally confusing! Leaving will no doubt be an awful experience, one which will be eased by the thought of meeting up with friends and family and the adventure of re-discovering the colours, smells, sights and sounds of the real world (I'm sure there are many best left un-discovered!).